Yawning – A Dogs Calming Signal

Calming signals given off by dogs are a fascinating and wonderful thing to watch. This is their simple way of communicating with each other through visual interactions.  They can move their bodies in certain directions or make certain facial expressions and they all mean something.

Why do dogs yawn?

Over the next few blog posts I am going to cover various calming signals that dogs perform on a daily basis and try and explain them so you can understand a bit more about how a dog communicates and this in turn will hopefully help you to understand your own dog.

The calming signal I am going to start off with is yawning.

A dog yawning is actually used quite a lot. As well as yawning when tired a dog may also yawn in other situations too.  A dog yawning is basically saying to another dog or person calm down. You may notice this yawn in your home. If you are arguing with someone in your home, you may not some yawns coming from your dog. If your dog felt like he is being held too tightly it may yawn to basically say release the hold on the dog.

I few days before I wrote this post I was doing tug with one of my dogs, only for 10 seconds or so and too be honest it was late at night. My other dog came round and near enough sat in the middle of me and the other dog playing tug. When he sat there, he sat side ways on, which was to break us up and then he yawned a few times. This action was saying knock it on the head, which we did!

We can yawn to at a dog. If a dog seemed a bit nervous or shy, you can put it at ease by yawning. Do not stare at the dog just yawn a few times and let the settle. What may happen is that dog will get the courage up to come and meet you.

In the next post I will cover another dog calming signal which is licking.

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